I have received an e-mail message indicating that my order is being processed. What does this mean?

I have received an e-mail message indicating that my order is being processed. What does this mean?

Occasionally when you place an order through an eSellerate Web Store, you might receive an e-mail message indicating that your order is being processed.  The message reads as follows:

This message is to notify you that your order has been received, and is being processed.  When order processing is complete, you will receive an e-mail with information on how to obtain your purchased product(s).

Note:  Order processing may also be delayed for orders in which you've chosen to pay by ACH, wire transfer, or certain other payment methods.  In those cases, the e-mail message body may vary from the example above.

If you receive a message like this, there is no need to return to the Web store, re-enter your credit card information, or purchase again.  Your complete order details have already been received, and your transaction will be completed as soon as possible.  Once that happens, your Order Confirmation e-mail message will be sent to the address you entered when you placed the order.

When a message like this has been sent, the order processing is often complete within an hour or two, although it might occasionally take longer.

If you do return to the Web Store and enter your billing information to purchase again, it is likely that your payment account will be charged twice - once for the original purchase and once for the new/second transaction.  The publisher of the product might charge a restocking fee if you request a refund for the duplicate purchase.

If you receive a processing notification message like this and you still have not received your Order Confirmation message within 24 hours, you can submit a ticket to eSellerate's Support team using the Troubleshooter link on the main page of this Support site (http://shopper.esellerate.net).

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